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Our Rates

Our rates are extremely competitive with other job posting sites. As you can see in the table below our daily rates are lower than all of the competitors that we researched. Your job listing is good for 35 days (5 weeks) and can be extended at the same rate if you don't fill your position. In addition to your posting here, we have a banner in the standard rotation on the largest independent Business Objects community on the Internet. Our banner on BOB shows a new job every fifteen minutes. In July of 2009 BOB was visited by over 8,000 people a day, and each visitor spent an average of over nine minutes browsing the site. Is the right person for your job out there? If they are visiting BOB, this site is a great way to get exposure to that community.

Job Site Duration Cost Cost per Day
BobsJobs.net 35 Days $100 $2.86
Dice.com 30 Days $429 $14.30
CareerBuilder.com 30 Days $389 $12.97
HotJobs.com 30 Days $299 $9.97
Monster.com 60 Days $395 $6.58

There are no additional charges for extra features. If you want your position to be posted "blind" we can do that. Any inquiries will be sent via a web form to the email address that you specify, allowing you to screen all applicants prior to contacting them. Of course if you would rather have your company information included as part of the job postings we're fine with that too.

For further questions, please use or contact form. Thank you for your interest.

All competitive prices were validated as of January 2, 2006.

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